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Medicinal Strains

Daily Special:
Shatterday Special! $16.00 half grams of BHO Wax Hash

In The Medical Cabinet Today:

Island Escape - Sativa
Chanel - Indica
Afgooey - Indica
Love Triangle - Indica
WiFi - Hybrid
Fort Collins Couch - Indica

Crystal Scepter - Sativa Hybrid
Corleone - Indica
Blueberry Skunk - Hybrid
Jelly Roll - Hybrid
Island Sweet Skunk - Sativa
Agent Orange - Hybrid
Death Star - Hybrid
Secret Garden - Indica 
San Fernando Valley - Indica Hybrid

Darth Maul - Indica
Strawberry Cough - Indica

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*Subject to change throughout business hours
We no longer have clones available on a daily basis.  We are currently taking orders though, and the time frame is 2 to 4 weeks from the time you order.  We have a list of specific strains that we sell, so please call or stop in and we can discuss your order.  Thank you.
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