Altus Gummies And Pills Product Review

Next time you are glancing at the shelf, don’t stray away when you lock eyes with products by Altus.

Your relationship with cannabis is highly personal and deeply profound…That’s why there’s an Altus product for your life’s every moment. See what we mean.

Fruit Flavors Like No Other

When it comes to flavor, Altus gummies give you the experience of feeling like you are eating the actual fruit. With Altus pureeing the fruit before making the gummies the flavors are incredible. I recently picked up the Altus Indica Pear gummies and they were delicious and the high from them was no joke. It was a combo of a nice body and mental high. I was so relaxed after 30 minutes and didn’t want to do a thing. Next time you have the opportunity to pick up Altus gummies don’t pass them up. Give them a shot and see what you think, they might surprise you.

Cannabis in Pill Form 

This is obviously not for everyone but a great alternative for someone who might want to take one with your everyday vitamins/supplements. They offer a variety of options which vary in amounts of THC and CBD which will ultimately come down to personal preference. My favorite is the 5:1 (25mg CBD/5mg THC) because the body high from the CBD is significantly more than the mental high from the THC. It’s my go-to when I’m in pain and having a hard time sleeping.

Many Options to Choose From 

While there are many types of edible products on the market, don’t pass up the opportunity to try something new. So next time you’re in the dispensary talk to your budtender about Altus and what options are available because Altus has a wide variety of offerings with their gummy and pill line. There is surely something for anyone who enjoys cannabis edibles.