Dadirri Caviar And Bubble Hash Cones In Review

Dadirri may be new to the market but their caviar and bubble hash cones set the stage for a product that’s here to stay.


When it comes to Bubble Hash, I’m rather new to the game so I had no expectations on what I was going to get out of it. First thing I noticed after taking the first inhale was a whole lot of flavor which can be hit and miss when it comes to pre-rolls. The burn was nice and steady, and you had time in-between each inhales to let it sit and not worry about it burning out. I started to feel the effects probably 5-10 minutes after putting it out and it was a nice mellow high and sustained me for a little over an hour which is nice because I didn’t want to be high all night. Definitely a great product for a quick mellow high and packs plenty of flavors.


So, when I think caviar, I think of fancy people food but this kind of caviar we are looking at is stuff I can get on board with. Dadirri’s Caviar is top notch and hits you like a freight train (I mean that in the best way possible). I decided to pick up the indica version of Dadirri’s caviar because I have trouble sleeping sometimes and it did not disappoint. Incredible flavor and burned nicely like the bubble hash pre-roll. While this does carry a heavier price tag then the bubble hash it’s worth the extra. The high was a melt in your seat kind of high and stays true to the indica name. Dadirri’s caviar is probably the best caviar I have tried yet so if you’re looking to give this a try, these 1g caviar pre-rolls are a great choice.


If you’re not a fan of pre-rolls but want to give Dadirri a try, check out their CBD Elixir that we carry here at Choice. It is a 1,000mg CBD Elixir with 10mg of THC. Made with REAL cherry juice and no artificial flavoring or sugars. This product was developed with the health-conscious consumer who would rather feel the healing benefits of CBD rather than the “psychoactive” effects of THC. Full of antioxidants and polyphenols