EvoLab Grape Dreams Review

The Aesthetics: The royal purple base is defiantly eye-catching with its strong contrast against the amber cannabis oil inside. The glass chamber is filled to the brim with delicious grape flavored oil. The compact design allows for easy storage and use. I took a normal pull and got a cloud of grape scented vapor.

The Flavor: The bright flavor of the oil was almost immediate with the first hit. It tastes fresh, vibrant and not too candy like. I was afraid that the flavor would be overbearing however it added an element to a vape pen I didn’t even know I wanted. The grape flavor made the pen extremely easy to enjoy and left my mouth feeling cool and tingly.

The Effects: This pen was great for day activities. I tried it on a day where I was doing causal painting. It kept me energized and creative for the entire session. While the body effects were minimal it allowed me to stay very active and didn’t