Fall Favorites and Sweet Treats

Northern Colorado has some of the best fall weather and activities to liven up the season. From pumpkin patches to craft classes there are so many festivities to participate in. The crisp air and yellow leaves create the perfect ambiance to enjoy a little sweet treat. At Choice Organics we have a few products that we think would accent your fall day and add a little bliss to your fall.

Pumpkin Pie Bar By Incredibles:

Need we say more? This creamy white chocolate bar is the ultimate fall treat with the familiar flavor profile of the season. Pumpkin spice and graham crackers put you in a fall dream. At 100mg per bar you can share, or save the rest for later.

Cookies and Brownies By Loves Oven:

A bartender's favorite, these baked goods definitely hit the mark on flavor and texture. They taste like they're straight out of your grandma's oven. Something about the cool fall air brings out the craving for baked goods and these do not disappoint.

Maple and Pecan Bar By Coda:

Few flavors elicit the feeling of fall like maple and pecan. This bar is great for someone with a complex palette. Milk chocolate, maple smoked sea salt and roasted pecans merry together to make a full flavor experience.