Wana Gummies

Gummies are a classic form of edible that offer an alternative to inhaling cannabis. With so many varieties out there, it’s hard to choose the perfect one. Luckily Wana has created a fail proof line for any consumer.

The variety of the sour assorted line comes in sativa, hybrid and Indica. Each gummy has a ranging effect from uplifting to relaxing. The sativa gummies offer an energetic effect with a euphoric buzz. They are great for doing activities such as working out, doing chores, or organizing your home. Wana hybrid gummies are ideal for fun leisurely activities like painting, creative projects or playing Frisbee. The mixture of both euphoric and relaxing qualities gives them a great balancing effect. Last but not least the Indica gummies are great for relaxing and unwinding. They are a great addition to a bedtime routine or a quiet night at home.

The flavors of Wana Gummies are so real and delicious you may forget that they are not normal candy! The assorted sour variety flavors include watermelon, orange, lemon, apple and grape. Each serving or gummy has 10mg of THC for easy dosing. The contrast of sweet and tangy in these edibles are one of their best qualities. Not only do they deliver the desired cannabis effect they’re a pleasure to eat.