Willie’s Reserve Live Resin Review

The Aesthetics: This sleek silver pen is a good size and has a heavy weight to it. It feels very sturdy and high quality. The chamber is made from thick glass which encases a large serving of live resin. Its simple design allows you to pull without the use of a button.

The Flavor: One of the most striking things about this pen is the smoothness and flavor of the resin. Pens have a tendency to make me cough, however this one hit like a dream. The fragrant citrus taste is one of the most flavorful that I have tried.

The Effects: The hybrid formula delivered a great mixture of head and body effects. It was both energizing to my mind but relaxing my body. The best part was how little it took to get me to the perfect feeling. After about two pulls I was almost instantly feeling the effects. This made it easy to consume the right amount and not over-do it.